Wreaths Are Not Just For Christmas!

A wide variety of flora and fauna can be used for wreaths, from the more traditional, such as holly and conifer in the winter, to bulbs and bedding plants in the Spring, fresh and dried seasonal flowers in the summer and finally berries and dried foliage in the autumn.

Wreaths can therefore be used at any time of year and are gaining popularity in the UK, whether to simply celebrate the seasons or to mark a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary, newborn, a one off event or as a mark of respect to a loved one’s passing or as a grave tribute.

Wreaths can also generally last longer than fresh flowers and because of our eco-minded approach we can often recycle or “revamp” an existing wreath so it lasts longer, or why not join up to one of our workshops?

In addition, wreaths can do more than just hang on doors! They can be used as table decorations and supplemented by other elements, such as tall vases, candle holders or cake stands to name but a few, to produce an elegant and unique focal point.

Please do contact us for any wreath enquiries.

We can make any wreath to order.

Postage and packing (minimum £15) is payable if not collected in person or a delivery charge of £5 outside our local delivery area.